MMC’s written reports expand the reach of charitable organizations, amplifying their voice and providing them with great visibility. We also connect these associations with important companies and civic groups that are committed to providing the funding support necessary for crucial projects. A recent example of an initiative designed to counter 1960s urban renewal Black community erasure is the Hogan’s Alley Society Report to Vancouver City Hall, making a case for an 898 Main Street Cultural Centre.



The 6th Eviction: The Dark Side of ‘Vancouverism‘.  The personal story of Cheryl-lee’s successful resistance to five renoviction attempts, addressed to the public who are Vancouver renters in a ‘city of renters’

Immersive view of salmon and reasons to keep the Fraser River clean. Twitter.

An examination of animal food sources in totem residences as they contribute to UBC community biodiversity. Report written to SEEDS Mapping Animal Food Sources in Totem Residence grounds

No freeways on the horizon: The path to livability. Human Geography Perspectives – Open Collections UBC. Cheryl-lee Madden et al. (2018).

Here I am presenting Millennium Line Transit-oriented Development (TOD) during the 2017 UBC MURC MULTIDISCIPLINARY UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH CONFERENCE:

2017 University of British Columbia MURC 

Negative impacts are avoided through a Millennium rail-line livability survey, which talked about The Electors Action Movement (TEAM), UBC Geography Professor Walter Hardwick’s livability surveys, and how Vancouver must revisit them.

Saturday Poster Presentation List – On Display: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – 2nd Floor Foyer.

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