Geography Awareness Week

Question 1: What is Geography Awareness Week?
Geographers, as in my case, look at their world and communicate these spatial mismatch transportation, housing affordability, and work issues with their community,.

Geography Awareness Week was created in 1987 and is an annual celebration of geography and the important role it plays in all our lives. National Geographic  Magazine works with teachers and other content experts to develop activities for the classroom, home, or community.

I am a University of British Columbia student who works with various community organizations to fulfill their goals and aspirations. Having like-minded colleagues passionate about the same concerns and current issues allows me to network and create meaningful dialogue with journalists who can then showcase our causes.

Question 2: Why Should People Care About Geography?
When students think of geography, they probably think of state or provincial capitals. Why should people care about geography? Here is a great video by the American Association of Geographers. Try to find what you are passionate about and write down a couple of answers!

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